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Ecolite Optical Lighting

We have developed the Optical Energy Saving Lamps, which brings the revolution again to illumination for using precisely reflective optical technology. Optical Energy Saving Lamp, including light Source, Electronic/Magnetic ballast, Optical reflector, lighting fixture, could reach the Highest Standard of different energy indicators.
– With light source efficiency up to 100LM/W~120LM/W
– Lighting efficacy up to 85LM/W
– Transferring efficiency up to 90%
– Lumen maintenance (3000Hrs) greater than 85%
– Power factor up greater than 0.93 for Magnetic Ballast, Electronic Ballast greater than 98%
– Lighting fixture efficiency up to 87%
– CRI up to 90

Our Optical Energy Saving Lamp is the century technology result, besides, the global environment is becoming worse, thus we aim to provide the best Optical Energy Saving Lamp to reduce CO2.

Benefits of Optical Energy-Saving Lamp

Some of the Benefits by using Optical Energy-Saving Lamp as compare to Traditional Reflector:
– Significantly improving the efficiency of light output
– Professional optical energy-saving reflector with special infra red coating, reflection efficiency is up to 95%. (Traditional reflector <40%- 50%)
– Electricity saving 60%-70% or more
– Wide lighting angle to increase lighting area. Average illumination and lighting uniformity is far superior to the traditional lighting fixture
– Different environment application using different reflector to achieve maximum result
– No heat dispersion issue , small casing suitable for different environment
– Suitable for street lighting , tunnel lighting , count lighting , industrial lighting, indoor lighting, etc.
– One-time investment, permanent use
– Significantly reducing CO2 emission, the leader in energy saving and CO2 emission reduction


Green Label certification

Our Ecolite Optical Lighting products are Singapore Green Label certified. This is a testimony that our products are environmentally-friendly and are genuinely energy-savers. Our Green Label lighting products are recommended for buildings that desire to be “green” and reducing the electrical consumption of lighting points is a good start.

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