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T8-to-T5 Conversion Kits

T5 is the latest flourescent lamp technology that can save half of the energy of T8 flourescent lamp. However, T5 flourescent lamp has completely different set of dimensions and control gears than the T8 flourescent lamp. Thus, extra costs such as investment in new T5 housings will be required in order to change from T8 to T5.

With our T8 to T5 Conversion Kits, you can continue to use your existing T8 housing, helping you to save costs and time during installations. Most importantly, in the long run, you will benefit from lower energy bills because T5 is an energy-efficient lighting compared to T8.

Fitting of T8 to T12 T8 Power Rating T5 Power Rating Power Difference Saving Rate
length rated actual rated actual saved %
2 feet (60 cm) 18 W 27 W 14 W 14 W 13 W 48%
3 feet (90 cm) 30 W 38 W 21 W 21 W 17 W 45%
4 feet (120 cm) 36 W 48 W 28 W 28 W 20 W 42%
5 feet (150 cm) 58 W 73 W 35 W 35 W 38 W 52%
note: depending on the fitting, deviation is possible

Hassle-free Installation

– No wiring work.
– Three easy steps to install our T5 conversion kit:

3 steps to install t5 conversion kit


 Excellent Lighting Quality

Specifications Normal T8 Lighting T5 Conversion Kit
Flickering Very Serious (50 – 60 Hz) Very Little (30,000 Hz)
Brightness Normal Slightly brighter
Brightness Reduction High Low
Temperature More heat Less heat


Reduce maintenance by over 30%

T5 tube offers 15,000 hours of service life – two times longer than the normal T8 tube (8000 hours life span only).

Rapid Payback

Ahe cost of converting existing luminaries is a fraction of a complete light fitting replacement, the payback on these tubes is very fast (usually less than 1 year).

Technical Data (2 ft and 4 ft)
Specifications T5 Conversion Kit – 2 ft T5 Conversion Kit – 4 ft
Input Voltage 220V ± 20% 220V ± 20%
Input Current 0.055 A 0.116 A
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Operating Frequency 30 kHz 30 kHz
Power Factor 0.979 0.976
Power Consumption 11.9 W ± 1.5 W 26.4 W ± 1.5 W
Lumen (0.5 m) 509 Lux 486 Lux
Lumen (2.0 m) 44 Lux 54 Lux
Rotating End Cap Adjustable Adjustable


Minimum 42% Savings In Energy Consumption