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Induction Lighting

Low-frequency induction lamp works on the electromagnetic loop generated by the electromagnetic induction technology in the tube. Its innovative features are that the energy us coupled into the tube by a way of high-frequency induction, and the energy makes the gas avalanche ionize into the plasmas whose atoms will return to the original state when these plasmas are activated, so the original energy will be radiated in form of 253.7nm UV to complete the energy conversion process. The fluorescent powder attached to the inner wall of the tube will emit the visible light when it is triggered by UV. The frequency per square meter is four times as high as the traditional fluorescent lamp. As this kind of lamps has no traditional wire or electrode, it can avoid the loss of electrode for traditional light sources, thus it features long working life, which increases the life of the whole lighting system.

Features of Induction Lamp

Long working life:

The common filament lamp, daylight lamps, energy-saving and other gas discharge lamps have the wire of electrode. However, the sputter effect of the wire of electrode is an inevitable component limiting the life of lamps. As the low frequency induction lamps have no electrode and work on the electromagnetic principal and the fluorescence discharge principle .therefore, there is no inevitable component limiting the life of lamps. Normally, these lamps can work for 50000-100000hours.

Energy saving:

Compared with the filament lamps, the induction lamps can save more than 80% energy, and the luminous flux of a 85w high-frequency induction lamp is almost the same with that of a 450w filament lamp.

Environment friendly:

As the induction lamps use the solid amalgam, it will not cause any pollution to the environment even they are broken. The rate of recycle can reach more than 99%. As a result, it is a real environment-friendly green light source which can reduce the gas emission.

High efficiency:

Over 80LM/W on average.

No flash:

As they work on a low frequency, it can be considered without the flash effect totally, so it will not make your eyes fell exhausted and can protect your eyes.

Good color rendering:

The color rendering index is more than 80, providing gentle light and showing the natural gloss of the objects.

Color temperatures selectable:

Customers can select the color temperature ranging from 2700k to 6400k, and make the color bulb used for garden decoration.

Low luminous decay:

The luminous flux for 60000 hours can be maintained at no less than 70%.

No need to warm up:

The lamp can be started and restarted at once which will more cause the recession phenomenon such as wire sputter effect of the common electrode discharge lamps.

Excellent electrical performance:

The lamp works on IC chips and wide-voltage design, providing a high power factor, low current harmonic and adjustable light.


induction floodlight

Model TZ-SD-3


induction spotlight

Model TZ-SD-5


induction downlight

Model TZ-YZ-3

High-bay Light

highbay light

Model TZ-GK-4

highbay light

Model TZ-GK-8